DDU(Drum Delivery Unit)

Bulk Drum에 담긴 원료를 여러 사용지점으로 전달하는 System

■ Standard Feature 

• Relay Logic Control

• LED Status Indicators

• 120% Containment

• System Level spill containment and leak detection

• Exhaust Interlock

• N2 Purge Interlock

• EMO Shutdown and Interlock

• Audible and Visual Alarms

■ Optional Features

• Internal Filtration

• Fire Detection and Suppression

• ULFA Fan Filter Unit

* Maximum flow rate dependent on actual           system configuration

■ Ordering Information

• DDU-H301 for Acids, Alkalis

• DDU-H302 for Solvents

Size(mm)1,600(w) x 1,050(d) x 1,700(h)   *Customization available 

Acid, Alkali : PVC
Solvent : SUS 304 P/L

Wetted Components

Acid, Alkali : PFA
Solvent : SUS 316L EP