APV Flexible Hose

APV HOSE is Tough, Light(weight), Excellent Flexible, and Easy to Handle

- Convoluted tube made of " NEW-PTFE " 

- The materials is same as that of APV lined products

- Reinforced APV convoluted hose(PP braid/SUS braid)

- Excellent flushing performance as same as APV lined containers

- Easy to handle, has shorter bending radius

- Excellent flatness of the inner surface to keep the surface flatness by Corrugation process

APV Flexible Hose
APV Flexible Hose

APV Flexible Hose Specification

Normal Diameter

Outside Diameter


Inside Diameter

Working Pressure

Burst Pressure

Minimum Bend Radius(mm)
Production Length(Max.)
15A (1/2")
20A (3/4")
25A (1")40.648.625.52.5810.340.6130m
40A (1 1/2")
50A (2")
Operating Temperature Range : SUS braid (-29℃ ~ 176℃), PP braid (-29℃ ~ 121℃) 

APV Flexible Hose Ordering Information

* APV Flexible Hose