APV Flexible Hose

APV HOSE is Tough, Light(weight), Excellent Flexible, and Easy to Handle

- Convoluted tube made of " NEW-PTFE " 

- The materials is same as that of APV lined products

- Reinforced APV convoluted hose(PP braid/SUS braid)

- Excellent flushing performance as same as APV lined containers

- Easy to handle, has shorter bending radius

- Excellent flatness of the inner surface to keep the surface flatness by Corrugation process

APV Flexible Hose
APV Flexible Hose

APV Flexible Hose Specification

Normal Diameter

Outside Diameter



Outside Diameter


+PE guard)


Inside Diameter

Working Pressure

Burst Pressure

Minimum Bend Radius(mm)
Production Length(Max.)
15A (1/2")
20A (3/4")
25A (1")40.648.625.52.5810.341020.6130M
40A (1 1/2")
50A (2")
Operating Temperature Range: SUS braid (-29℃ ~ 176℃), PP braid (-29℃ ~ 121℃) 

APV Flexible Hose Ordering Information

* APV Flexible Hose